The manifest object labeled Master 

and the manifest object labeled seeker,

finally meet like two empty mirrors 

facing each other.



 The term "finally" connotes an event in time,

thus infers a process of change , 

of becoming. 

However, the term "finally" 

has only come up, as a convention, 

when the stating of two empty mirrors, 

is conceptualized as so.








 Conceptualization is akin to a third observer,

wondering what is happening 

inter-alia the two mirrors,

what is it that is getting reflecting,

what is the image on either of the mirror-faces, 

facing each other.

 And when the itch cannot be any more ignored, 

then observer tries to peek in-between, 

to have a look.

In the very peeking, 

is the appearance of the observer-object,

in between two empty reflecting mirrors.







This is exactly the situation 

when thought tries to conceptualize, Truth.

 The conceptualizer 

becomes the immediate veil.

In between the infinite mirrorings, 

making up the mosaic.






Reading this prattling, 

the mind, the entity 

immediately wants to know

how to cease conceptualizing.



The cessation of conceptualizing is in

the non-volitional, acausal  realization, (so to say),..

.... that any "how to...", ...... the very conceptualizing.


The very sense of the question,..... the sense of peeking in-between.









Of course, there being none-apart 

to the mirroring,.... come in-between,......'s,...


..... a......






A Duet of One.







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