Seated thus in a pensive mood, Radha sighed

Her soft Lotus Feet extended to bless the Cosmos

Shyamsundar could not find the oceans to wash Her Feet

They had dried in the fire of His Separation from Her!

His tears fell in torrents when He saw Her Lotus Feet

Those tender feet had trampled the thorns at Vrindavan

to keep a tryst.
rishna!  Krishna! resounded the forests of Nidhivan

The creepers plants and animals obtained salvation, witnessing

this Divine Tale,........ which has no beginning and has no end.

Tears poured forth from the eyes of Shyamsundar

Creating oceans seas and rivers
Beloved Radhe I cannot repay your debt ever, He said

This love of yours which I was absent to receive!

Let that Love be received by this Creation of ours

Bless Oh Radhike,......... Bless Oh Mother of this world

Let all know this Bliss even without deserving

And Aradhika,............... let me hold and wash your Lotus Feet divine!

Tears of Kanha, Radhika could not bear to see for long

She wiped his tears,..... with the jasmines from Goloka

She gave Hari Naama Samkirtana to the whole World!

Harer Nama Harer Nama Harer Namaeva Kevalam

Kalau Nastaeva Nastaeva Nastaeva Gatiranyatha

Radhe Radhe Shyam,......... Radhe Radhe Radhe,......... Shyam Milade

Radhe Radhe Hatado Badhe,.......... Radhe Radhe Shyam Milade

Jai Shree Radhe , Jai Shree Radhe , Jai Shree Radhe




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