Path of Understanding(Jnana)


Who am I?

The investigation of the "me-entity"


An enfolding Dance

Were you born?

Some Musings

What is the Way?

A hint of distinction, ... and......lo behold, the world

What you call silence is not silence at all

What is great nirvana?


The issue

Who Cares?

On your PC is all the pointing that you need

When neither exists

The hoopla of the "me"


Nothing of Value

Act playfully in the world

What is it that reincarnates?

The Gathering *


The immediacy of an echo to a sound, a shadow to a shape

The Guru

Seeing happens

The Total Picture already IS

The song and dance of the "I AM"

Laaaaadeeeeee daaaaaa daaaaaa deeeeeeeeeeee

The arising of thousand worlds

Thee and Me

Even the resonance of silence ceases

A sage has no self, but there is nothing that is not the sage 

The moment of laughter

What absurdity

In the world, but not of the world

Who is the Potter, pray who is the Pot?

Give him another kick

When the wind subsides, the leaves still fall

Who is the other?

He just fluttered

I, seeing I-self

What is the mind?

The winding game

Tun Tuna Tun Tun………….Tun Tuna Tun Tun

We can neither know, nor become THAT which we already ARE

That moment then Is now

There is only the pleasure of expounding

A naked fakir

A notion called time

Dooooobeeeeeee Doooooooobeeeeee Doooooooo

Things happen as they happen, because the Universe is as it is

The fish, but nothing remains of the fish 

To whom is the sage talking?

The world

A detective investigates a thingy known as death


The cresting of a wave is but its fall

No moon to be pointed at

Tossed coins

Our physical reality, our cognitive construction of it

Who should I mourn, who am I?

Seriousness is a disease 1

Seriousness is a disease 2
         (a quick guide for the novice entering New Age spirituality)

The whole sunlight

If you don't care where you are, you ain't never lost

The term "Spiritual"

Is that so?

And where, may I ask, will you be?

The singing nightingale


And therein is the eternal delight

It's not what they call you, it's what you answer to


Mouths are flapping


The hoax of becoming

Bozo, the Clown

The unexpected and unpredictable is real

Roused from sleep ...remembering nothing

Do you know?

Thought creating thought

Tadeva brahma tvam vidhi

The way is beyond language

Clinging *

The seeking found nothing, apart from Itself

Real Understanding and Wisdom

Amma Sarah

Five basic elements

The ultimate denial

Is there a chaos?

The adventure of the "me"

A Conflagration


Life problems

Even shadows may entertain

Living, yet dead

Can there be an Awakening?

Do you exist to resolve the problems that appear so tragic for you?

What's wrong?

To go beyound yourself, you must know yourself

And yet one fart brings, frothing across Cyber Lists

A meeting of two empty mirrors facing each other

To whom is enlightenment an issue?

Just rest

And do you realize who I am?

I consider myself a pretty patient guy

That is not even this or that

The mystery of immanence and simultaneous transcendence *

Seeing is just that-------seeing

My abiding place

Mind fashioning, the universe

Every moment

Hypnosis exposed............

If there were no laughter, the Tao would not be what it is

Where is Death

The actual present is timeless *

Are you the cause of all your problems?

Wasps searching for spectacles

The Tao or Bozo would not be Tao or Bozo...

One <=> Everyone *

As long... *

And yet.... *

An Action

The question about meaning

The mere presence

In the Gap

And the dinner bell rings

Asked the Monk


This return is the stillness *



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